Water System Upgrade Project Update

The Cherokee Bay Water System Upgrade project is underway!  Concrete cosmetic work will begin on May 19th.

This project consists of replacing the two boosters that distribute water from the wells to the homes, as well as adding a third booster to the system to add capacity during high use periods in the summer, as well as improve system reliability if a pump does fail. As the board cannot guarantee how long the water system will be down during this project, we want everyone to be prepared. We will give as much advanced notice as possible, however we cannot plan for every unexpected issue that may arise.

Alcorn Pump and Water Filtration and Northwest Water Systems will be onsite from June 3rd – 14th performing the upgrade to the water system. There will be interruptions in water service while the new plumbing is connected on June 6th and 7th (Thursday and Friday).  

Alcorn Pump and Filtration is planning on doing the work that requires service interruptions during the nighttime hours (after 10pm) to lessen the impact. Please prepare to have bottled water on hand for any unforeseen issues that may arise. Updates will be provided via email eblasts and also on the website at https://www.cherokeebaycc.com/blog/

In the case of unexpected water emergency issues, please contact:

Northwest Water Systems

(360) 876-0958

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Melissa Schneider, Association Manager at (425) 747-0146 or by email melissa.schneider@agynbyte.com

We appreciate everyone’s patience through this project.