Water System Project Update 06/03/19

Alcorn Pump and Filtration has installed all three booster pumps and are now working on the panels and prepping the plumbing to connect the added booster pump to the system. You may notice a fluctuation in water pressure as the work continues. As they adjust the pressure, you may notice short bursts of water service interruption.

Water will be shut down tomorrow night, THURSDAY, JUNE 6TH AFTER 10PM and possibly Friday night after 10pm as well, while they connect the plumbing and get everything on line. Please prepare to have bottled water on hand for any unforeseen issues that may arise. Alcorn Pump also has brought a water reservoir tank for residents to fill up jugs during any outages. The tank is located in the parking lot of the park.

Updates will be provided via email eblasts and also on the website at https://www.cherokeebaycc.com/blog/

In the case of unexpected water emergency issues, please contact:

Northwest Water Systems

(360) 876-0958

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Melissa Schneider, Association Manager at (425) 747-0146 or by email melissa.schneider@agynbyte.com

We appreciate everyone’s patience through this project.